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The Laccadive Sea, also known as the Lakshadweep Sea, borders Kerala in India and the Indian Lakshadweep islands, the Maldives, and Sri Lanka. Trivandrum, Kochi, Colombo, and Quilon in Sri Lanka and Malé in the Maldives are the major cities that lie on the shores of the Laccadive Sea.

The Laccadive Sea is warm with a stable water temperature through the year and is rich in marine life, with the Gulf of Mannar within it hosting around 3,600 species alone. The coasts of this Sea are sandy but the deeper ares are covered in silt. There are also many coral reefs here including the Lakshadweep islands that are made up of atolls and contain about 105 coral species.

Fishing is the traditional occupation in the Laccadive Sea, with an annual fish catch of 2,000 to 5,000 tonnes from the Lakshadweep islands, mostly made up of tuna and shark. Other fish found in the reefs include Perch, Halfbeaks, Carangidae, Needlefish and Rays.


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