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Planning to invest or conduct business with countries in the Indian Ocean, or become an expat? Taking a business trip and need to find connections or information about a company? Then this portal will provide you with more than just country facts including economy and financial structure. Discover valuable information related to the respective countries and links to local businesses here.

Check the comprehensive business listings with links to the Yellow Pages of the respective countries i.e. yellow.mu (Mauritius) with background information about companies, links to their website and social media pages, their opening hours, products and brands they carry and much more.

Find connections toentrepreneurs and SMEs in a country like Mauritius, or your own opportunity to become an entrepreneur in a specific country or own an online business through a franchise, that transcends the borders of the Indian Ocean and even worldwide. Or if you are looking for investment opportunities, we recommend visiting sites such as MauritiusInvestment.biz


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