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The Mozambique Channel is a body of water in the Indian Ocean that flows between Madagascar and Mozambique. There are several islands within the Channel, including Grande Comore, Mohéli, and Anjouan of the Comoros Archipelago that are found at the northern entrance. Other islands found here include: Mayotte, officially a region of France but claimed by the Comoros; Banc du Geyser that is claimed by both Madagascar and Comoros; Juan de Nova Island, Europa Island, and Bassas da India which are all claimed by Madagascar and are found at the southern end of the Channel; and the Primeiras and Segundas Archipelago that belongs to Mozambique.

The Mozambique Channel is approximately 1,600 kilometres long and 419 kilometres wide at its narrowest point, and reaches a depth of 3,292 metres at about 230 kilometres from the coast of Mozambique. The Mozambique Current, is a warm current that flows in a southward direction in the channel, that leads into the Agulhas Current off the East Coast of South Africa.

The Mozambique Channel is an important shipping route for eastern Africa, and all the major rivers of Madagascar flow into it and the ports of Majungaa and Toliary are located on its coast. The mouth of the Zambezi River and the ports of Maputo, Moçambique, and Beira in Mozambique are found on the opposite coast.


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